The requirement to manage and control hazardous building materials is not only a legal requirement, but a moral one.

SLR is at the forefront of the industry. Our team of professionals are helping to improve standards, define best practice, drive legislative change and promote safe and effective methods of hazardous building material management.

How can we help?

Working in the industrial, commercial and domestic market, we can offer a broad range of services and a wealth of experience. We are acutely aware of the requirements and obligations under government and workplace health and safety legislations and can guide and advice our clients accordingly.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive suspect hazardous material / containment investigation services (asbestos, lead, PCB and universal waste)
  • Abatement design, oversight and air monitoring services
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) contaminants assessment and remediation design
  • Site specific management plans including operations and maintenance programs
  • Structure condition / risk assessment
  • Critical response for emergency works (ie. following fire/storm damage, the discovery of contaminated fill etc)
  • Asbestos awareness and risk management training
  • Centralised online HazMat registers
  • NATA accredited reports for building material and asbestos dust samples
  • Expert witness

Australian Accreditaton

SLR is NATA Accredited in Australia for Asbestos Fibre Counting, Volume Measurement (Air), and Asbestos Fibre Identification.

Our team includes

  • Ryan Rouillard Manager of Building Sciences
    Ryan Rouillard

    As a Senior Project Specialist, Ryan's practice includes indoor air quality inspections, building material surveys involving the collection and laboratory submittal of suspect regulated or toxic materials, and design/monitoring services. He performs Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments and analysis and interpretation of industrial environmental compliance and permit-related information.

  • David Egert Senior Project Consultant
    David Egert

    David’s consulting experience includes undertaking numerous Hazardous Material & Asbestos Survey Assessments for Defence and State Governments, asbestos identification and bulk asbestos sampling, on site supervision for friable and non-friable asbestos removal works, visual clearance inspections, establishment of site laboratories for airborne asbestos fibre monitoring airborne for friable and non-friable asbestos removal works.