300 Broad Street

Client Name
300 Broad Street
Bristol, Connecticut, USA
  • Hazardous materials management


300 Broad Street was a former steel plant located in Bristol Connecticut. As the property was being renovated for future use, precautions needed to be exercised to ensure the property was free of hazardous contaminates/material.


SLR was tasked to perform a Phase I & II environmental site assessment (ESA) of the property in conformance with the scope and limitations of standard practice ASTM E1527-13 and in general accordance with the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection’s Site Characterization Guidance Document.

SLR conducted an asbestos containing materials (ACMs) survey to identify, quantify and assess the condition of suspect accessible ACMs. After a visual and physical assessment with samples taken to be verified by an accredited lab, SLR was able to confirm hazardous contaminates/materials were present and advised the client on required removal procedures for the property.