Advice on abandoned chemical manufacturing facility

Client Name
Flintshire County Council
North Wales, UK
  • Safety advisory
  • Hazardous materials management
  • Environmental management, permitting & compliance


The API manufacturing facility at Sandycroft, North Wales, was left abandoned in July 2013 following the liquidation of previous owners Euticals Limited. As it was an active chemical manufacturing facility, Flintshire County Council were left with the problem of clearing the site to make it safe and ready for sale.


By providing process safety engineering professionals, supported by consultants with operational experience, SLR could advise the Council on relevant regulations, hazards and risks, and develop a strategy and programme of work for safe and efficient removal of all stored and in-process hazardous substances.

The support provided included search and selection of suitably competent contractors to perform the cleanout and dismantling of plant and equipment containing explosive materials, management of those activities, and regular reporting to key stakeholders, including the Health and Safety Executive, Natural Resources Wales and the emergency services through the Emergency Command Structure.


The project lasted 18 months and consisted of the following outcomes:

  • Developed a strategy and plan for decontamination
  • Identified competent contractors to remove the range of hazardous materials present, including substantial quantities of ISDN in mobile containers and processing equipment
  • Managed day-to-day activities associated with removal of hazardous materials from site
  • Provided an essential link between the Council and other key stakeholders, including the Emergency Command Structure