Our technical specialists provide guidance on acoustics, noise and vibration for a wide scope of projects ranging from city scale environments to detailed building or infrastructure elements.

Our goal is to create functional, comfortable indoor and outdoor environments which are compatible with their surroundings. We offer unique expertise and practical solutions, from planning through to construction, which balance potential environmental issues with the need for development.

How can we help?

Using state-of-the-art tools and equipment, SLR can assist our clients by modelling, predicting and verifying acoustical, noise and vibration performance . Our experts have worked on projects all over the word, providing services for:

  • Architectural acoustical design – building services noise and vibration control
  • Industrial facilities and machine vibration
  • Transportation noise and vibration impact assessments for road, rail, air, sea
  • Renewable energy and power generation acoustics
  • Underwater acoustics monitoring, modelling and assessments
  • Structural dynamics investigations and mitigation
  • Mining / quarrying noise and vibration
  • LNG facility acoustics
  • Aeroacoustics investigations and mitigation
  • Construction noise and vibration impact assessments
  • City noise mapping and land use compatibility

Our team includes

  • David Jones Principal Engineer
    David Jones

    David has more than 19 years of experience with industrial and environmental noise measurement, modelling and noise control design. He has extensive knowledge and experience with noise issues encountered in the transportation, oil, gas, power and petrochemical industries. David is Board Certified by the Institute for Noise Control Engineering and is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas.

  • Omar Longoria Principal Engineer
    Omar Longoria

    Omar has over 38 years of experience as an acoustical engineer specialising in architectural projects. He’s in constant demand by architects and developers for his expertise in room and building acoustics, building mechanical equipment noise and vibration control. He’s highly respected in industrial settings because of his extensive experience with noise and vibration measurements, noise modelling and noise control designs.

  • Laurie Morrill Associate Scientist
    Laurie Morrill

    Laurie has more than twelve years of professional scientific experience, with a background in the fields of physics and chemistry with environmental applications. She has extensive noise measurement, modelling and noise abatement experience. Her area of speciality is in computational noise model construction, validation and calibration for natural gas transportation, treatment and LNG facilities.

  • Ronald Spillman Principal
    Ronald Spillman

    Ron has 40 years of experience as an acoustical engineer specialising in industrial noise control and environmental noise assessments for gas transmission, power, and petrochemical companies throughout the US and the world.  He has worked on numerous projects involving natural gas compressor stations, many of which involved FERC noise compliance issues. Ron has extensive experience with environmental noise surveys, and related analyses, noise predictions, noise contours, and development of noise mitigation designs as needed to meet local, state, and federal noise limits. He has appeared before commissions, councils, and other public hearings, and has been an expert witness regarding environmental noise in several legal proceedings. He has provided consulting services for over one hundred architectural acoustics projects including apartments, commercial buildings, and residential developments.