Enhancing acoustic performance in high density residential modular developments

Client Name
Tawera Group Limited
New Zealand
  • Acoustics & vibration


Our client was looking to increase the density of their housing developments across New Zealand by incorporating apartments and townhouses. Applying modular technologies was the preferred approach to enable delivery at scale, whilst also ensuring quality standards remained high. A new product for the New Zealand market had been selected to roll out, which was constructed overseas. This presented challenges for the review of acoustic design and construction materials for obtaining building consent as well as performance, all while striving to achieve better than the minimum sound insulation requirements as stated by the New Zealand Building Code, and meet the Kāinga Ora acoustic performance criteria and Homestar Acoustic Credits.


SLR’s Acoustics and Vibration team based in Auckland were engaged to deliver this project as our consultants have local technical building acoustics expertise along with the resource to deliver projects for developments spread across New Zealand.

Our acoustics team reviewed the architectural designs, including careful consideration of flanking acoustics, inter-tenancy wall and floor sound insulation performance and façade constructions. Our expertise was utilised to identify design modifications and advise on alternatives, which achieved the criteria more efficiently and cost effectively, and supported a streamlined building consent process.


Residents living in close proximity to others in the high density urban housing developments have benefited from higher standards of acoustic performance and improved quality of life. Our acoustic design input assisted in ensuring the end product meets not only the minimum Building Code requirements but also achieved the acoustic criteria required in sustainability rating assessments.