Acoustics suppprt for Forensics Services and Corner’s Complex

Client Name
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Acoustics & vibration
  • CFD, wind & energy


The Forensics Services and Corner’s Complex (FSCC) houses a number of mission-critical spaces including the Coroner’s Courts and forensics laboratories. Building services to support these spaces include over twenty rooftop laboratory exhausts, several large air handling units and four massive rooftop generators. The amalgamation of this space usage under one roof presented a number of design challenges related to acoustics, noise, vibration and air quality.


SLR’s involvement included consultation from design through construction and performance testing, including

  • Room Acoustics for speech intelligibility and occupant comfort;
  • Control of noise and vibration from building services;
  • Partition design for speech privacy;
  • Floor Vibration response prediction and control;
  • Vibration control for sensitive microscopy and imaging equipment
  • Sound Isolation of noisy spaces;
  • Assessment of construction vibration impacts on neighbouring land uses;
  • Control of exhaust re-entrainment from building services;
  • Detailed wind tunnel tracer gas testing of problematic emission sources; and,
  • Regulatory environmental approval permitting.