Noise Impact Assessment for the Maghtab Waste to Energy Facility

Client Name
AIS Environmental
Maghtab, Malta
  • Acoustics & vibration


SLR was commissioned by the client to undertake a noise impact assessment for a proposed Waste to Energy Facility near Maghtab, northern Malta.


The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was undertaken in conjunction with the requirements of the Maltese Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) and considered both the construction and operation of the proposed development on the nearest residential and ecological noise-sensitive receptors.

The goal of the assessment was to quantify noise levels in the area, and to determine if construction and normal operations associated with the development would have adverse impacts on the nearest noise-sensitive receptors.


The results of the BS5228:2009+A1:2014 construction noise assessment showed that that the derived noise criterion was not expected to be exceeded at the closest residential or ecological receptors, resulting in no significant residual effects.

The operational BS4142:2014+A1:2019 assessment has shown that, for the closest residential receptors, the operational rating levels have been predicted to be below the representative daytime and night-time background sound levels, resulting in no significant residual effects.

For ecological receptors, the assessment of noise effects has been made with reference to the guidance of AQTAG09, whereby the threshold value has not been predicted to be exceeded, resulting in no significant effect.

Based on the above it was concluded that noise should not pose a material constraint for the development for the site.