Natural Capital & Ecosystem Services

Natural Capital is increasingly important for businesses as they seek to manage resource, climate, reputational and ESG challenges, as well as the wider environmental challenges around regulation & compliance, biodiversity net gain and environmental net gain.


Understanding natural capital and ecosystem service impacts and developing a positive approach to natural capital is increasingly important as businesses seek to position themselves to manage the growing range of environmental issues.

SLR works with organisations to help them understand their environmental impacts, reduce these, and identify opportunities to move towards a positive environmental impact.

SLR supports organisations in using a Natural Capital approach to understand risks and opportunities. We have expertise across all areas of sustainability, environmental impacts, climate change, ecology and biodiversity.

Natural Capital & Ecosystem Services Offering

  • Benefits of a Natural Capital approach
    • Manages supply chain and value chain risk
    • Maintain and enhance reputation
    • Drives behaviours
    • More engaged workforce
    • Better relations with shareholders and regulators
    • Business cost savings as well as opportunities
  • Our services include
    • Natural capital strategy
    • Natural capital baseline assessments
    • Natural capital/ biodiversity training
    • Natural capital accounting
    • Nature and biodiversity reporting & disclosure
    • Biodiversity planning
    • Ecosystem services assessments
    • Habitat planning and monitoring
    • Stakeholder engagement
    • Environmental impacts and dependencies register
    • Environmental improvement action plans
    • Environmental impact assessments
    • Environmental performance metrics and monitoring

Natural Capital & Ecosystem Services Projects

  • Project


    Confidential - Investment

    Manufacturing & Industry

    Biodiversity credits for the voluntary market

    Read more
  • Project

    Northwest Scotland

    Assynt Development Trust

    NW2045 Natural capital baseline assessment

    Read more
  • Project


    Plantlife International and WWF

    Government & Communities

    UK grassland trends and ecosystem service delivery

    Read more
  • Project



    Manufacturing & Industry

    Natural Capital awareness and training

    Read more
  • Project

    South Downs, UK

    T J Transport

    Mining & Minerals

    Ecosystem services statement – Buster Hill Chalk Quarry

    Read more
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Our Team Includes

  • Sue Swain

    Head of Sustainability Solutions and Client Management - Europe

  • Stewart Lenton

    Nature and Natural Capital Lead – Europe

  • Andrea Wilcockson

    Technical Director, Ecology & Biodiversity

    (Worcester, England)

  • Ida Bailey

    Nature and Natural Capital Lead – Europe

  • Megan Raymond

    Principal Scientist, Wetlands & Waterways Lead

  • Matthew Sanford

    Manager of Ecology & Natural Resources Planning

  • Mark Carabetta

    Principal Environmental Scientist

  • Dan Govier

    Technical Director, Ecology and Marine Science – Asia Pacific

  • Dave Hall

    Technical Director, Ecology and Biodiversity – Asia Pacific

  • Dr. Andrew Storey

    Technical Director, Ecology and Biodiversity – Asia Pacific

  • Jeremy Pepper

    Technical Director, Ecology and Biodiversity – Asia Pacific

  • Mark Poynter

    Technical Director, Marine Ecology – Asia Pacific

  • Scott Walker

    Technical Director, Ecology and Biodiversity – Asia Pacific

  • Keren Bennett

    Technical Director, Freshwater Ecology – Asia Pacific

  • Hamish Dean

    Principal Ecology Consultant – Asia Pacific

  • Ben Ludgate

    Principal Ecology Consultant and Dunedin Ecology Manager – Asia Pacific

  • Dr. Pete Wilson

    Principal Coastal Scientist – Asia Pacific

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