Natural Capital awareness and training

Client Name
  • Natural capital & ecosystem services


The client has a number of manufacturing operations in England and as a responsible business they want to understand how they can use a Natural Capital Approach to improve their environmental performance and ultimately move towards having a positive impact on the environment.

The client also recognises their business may be exposed to a number of risks due to environmental factors such as climate change, which could potentially impact their supply chain, and as such wants to use a Natural Capital Approach to understand all the environmental business risks.


SLR provided Natural Capital Training to participants including the Group Director of Sustainability, in addition to site based EHS Managers and also Corporate Affairs.

The training included aspects such as:

  • What is Natural Capital and why is it important?
  • What are Ecosystem services?
  • How can businesses benefit from adopting a Natural Capital Approach?
  • How do you start to engage with a Natural Capital Approach and what are the challenges?

The SLR Natural Capital team also worked with the client to understand how the current Group Sustainability initiatives could be included and built upon as part of the Natural Capital Strategy.


The client is now looking to begin implementing a Natural Capital Approach and embedding the environment at the heart of the business decision making.