SLR’s Geology Team has widespread experience in assessing the natural resources needed for today’s society.

We have expertise across a large range of commodities, including; aggregates and industrial minerals, metallic minerals, hydrocarbons, and geothermal resources. Every project has its challenges and we strive to advise clients appropriately at every stage of their project.

How can we help?

SLR provides a range of geology services for our clients, including:

  • Mineral exploration programme design and costing;
  • Borehole rock and superficial deposit logging to relevant standard;
  • Modelling and interpretation of results;
  • GIS services including regional mineral and search projects, compilation, modelling and interpretation of datasets;
  • 3-Dimensional modelling, design and development plans;
  • Mineral resource estimation;
  • Technical Reporting/Competent Person Reporting to fulfill listing requirements;
  • Due diligence;
  • Geological conservation, geoheritage audits and management;
  • Geotourism Development;
  • Expert witness;
  • Valuation of mineral properties;
  • Review of QA/QC protocols;
  • Assessment and commercialisation of geothermal resources;
  • Carbon capture and storage advice.

Our team includes

  • Paul Gordon Technical Discipline Manager
    Paul Gordon

    Paul is a Technical Director and Geology Team Leader, working on a range of projects internationally, primarily related to mineral exploration and reporting. Paul has worked at all stages of the exploration and mining spectrum from first concept through to greenfields, advanced exploration, near-mine exploration, and as an underground production geologist. Paul is also one of the IGI’s representatives on the Pan-European Reserves and Resources Reporting Committee (PERC).

  • Deirdre Lewis Technical Director
    Deirdre Lewis

    Deirdre has worked extensively internationally in mineral exploration and preparation of Competent Persons Report and project valuations. She manages multi-disciplinary projects in institutional strengthening and sustainable resource management for the European Union, United Nations Development Programme and World Bank in developing countries. In Ireland, she has also managed and developed recreational tourism strategies and masterplans and advised on renewable energy projects through effective strategies for enhanced community engagement along the project development chain.

  • Nick O'Neill Director
    Nick O'Neill

    Nick has an interest in the sustainable development of natural resources and the promotion of Ireland as a place to explore for clean gas. He has been involved in drilling and exploring for oil and gas in Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America and the North Sea. Nick is currently Project Manager for the Irish Petroleum Infrastructure Programme, a joint government/oil industry research programme to enhance Ireland’s hydrocarbon prospects. Nick has contributed to a number of strategic reports on Irish energy policy including strategic gas storage, wind energy, and building community engagement and social support in energy transition.

  • John Kelly Technical Director
    John Kelly

    John has over 25 years’ experience in base metal, aggregates and industrial mineral exploration and resource assessment and preparation of environmental assessments. He has worked in carbonate-hosted base metal and precious metal exploration in Ireland, North America, Pakistan, Greenland, Turkey, Poland and West Africa.