Mining technical support for the Vittangi Project

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Talga AB
  • Mining advisory
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Geology


In June 2012, Talga acquired the Vittangi Graphite Project from Canadian mining giant Teck. Since then, Talga has completed extensive exploration and development work.

The Vittangi Graphite Project contains the Nunasvaara and Niska deposits and is located approximately 20 km east of LKAB's iron ore mine and railhead at Svappavaara in Sweden.

Talga is currently developing the project, with the goal of producing high-quality, low-emission battery and advanced materials for the global market.

The company has completed both pre-feasibility and detailed feasibility studies and is in the advanced stages of permitting for its initial operation; the Vittangi Anode Project.

The Vittangi Anode Project is a significant development for the Swedish mining industry and is expected to play a major role in the global transition to clean energy. The project will create jobs and generate economic benefits for the region and will help to meet the growing demand for graphite anode, which is a key component in batteries for electric vehicles and other renewable energy technologies.

Over the past few years, SLR Consulting has been working with Talga AB to undertake numerous mining technical studies, which include mineral resource estimation (MRE), mine design & scheduling, and mining geotechnical studies.


The team at SLR have been working with Talga for many years and have a good understanding of the project and its unique complexities.

The MRE was undertaken in accordance with the Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves, 2012 Edition (the JORC Code, 2012).

The mine design, and mine scheduling were undertaken using industry-standard software and best practices.


As a result of SLR’s MRE work, the Vittangi Graphite Project can be said to be Europe’s highest grade graphite deposit, with a current total (JORC, 2012) Resource of 35 million tonnes at 23.8% graphite.

The geotechnical work now has a feasibility level understanding of the Vittangi rock mass and associated structural characteristics. The resulting mine design study has reduced costs and maximised recovery.

"SLR Consulting has played a key role in the development of the Vittangi Graphite Project. The MRE has provided Talga with a comprehensive and robust estimate of the project's graphite resources. Mine design and scheduling are optimised to maximise production and minimise costs. The company's mining geotechnical studies have provided Talga with the information needed to design robust and stable pit slopes.

SLR Consulting's work has been essential in helping Talga to advance the Vittangi Graphite Project towards development. We look forward to working with SLR on future projects.”

- Talga AB