Towards sustainable mining: are you prepared?

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06 September 2023
Dr. Chris Meikle
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  • Mining advisory
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  • ESG advisory
  • Mine waste engineering

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) imperatives are continuing to shape the future of the mining and metals sector. Stakeholders are increasingly sophisticated in their knowledge, understanding and expectations continue to grow regarding ESG factors and the demand for assurance that minerals, metals, and energy products are produced environmentally, socially and economically responsibly. To support mining companies demonstrate ESG performance and transparency as they navigate an ever-changing ESG landscape, the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) has adopted the Towards Sustainable Mining™ (TSM) framework.

TSM is an internationally recognised sustainability program that supports mining companies to measure, verify, and report critical aspects of their environmental and social performance. Established in 2004 by the Mining Association of Canada (MAC), TSM was the first responsible mining standard in the world to require facility-level assessments with external verification. TSM is mandatory for all mining companies that are members of implementing associations. As the MCA has adopted TSM, assessing and reporting facility-level performance against the TSM standard will therefore become a condition of MCA membership. The MCA has stated that it will be implementing TSM using a phased approach. Beginning in 2025, all MCA members will be required to assess and publicly report on their performance against the TSM standard.

As a member of the Minerals Council of Australia, SLR is well-equipped to support mining companies as they prepare to adopt TSM. Due to TSM’s origins in Canada, our globally integrated team and collective expertise includes professionals formally trained in TSM and certified as TSM Verifiers with the Mining Association of Canada.

To understand how SLR can help you prepare for TSM adoption, download our factsheet

Tablet showing page from the Towards Sustainable Mining factsheet

Learn more about how we can support clients in the Mining & Minerals sector.

For further details reach out to Chris or our expert team, contact details are found in the download.

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