Resources & reserves, technical, and environmental due diligence - lime operations

Client Name
SigmaRoc PLC
  • Geology
  • Mining advisory

"SLR played a key role in achieving our objectives, providing SigmaRoc with a robust review of the reserves and resources and the technical and environmental aspects of the lime operations.

SLR remained committed to the strict timelines, confidentiality, and budget, offering an agile and nimble service that supported SigmaRoc in its due diligence and success acquisition. We anticipate collaborating with SLR on upcoming projects.”

– SigmaRoc


The client was looking to acquire a number of European lime businesses, that included quarries, kilns, and associated infrastructure. They required several technical elements to be reviewed; reserves and resources, plants / kilns, infrastructure, and environmental aspects, all under strict time scales and with utmost confidentiality.

The overarching objective was to prepare due diligence reports covering the afore mentioned technical elements.


SLR formed a team of quarrying, infrastructure, and environmental due diligence experts. SLR had assistance from independent cement consultants who assessed the kilns.

An initial review of the assets’ data room was completed, allowing for an understanding of the operations under review. As there were numerous operating sites, the site visits were split between the quarry and plant / kiln specialists and undertaken over a two-week period. Onsite, the teams were given a tour of the operations and interviewed the staff. Post site visit, several rounds of follow-up questions and data requests were submitted for further review. The review was conducted within the client’s timeframes.


SLR completed two reports covering the technical aspects of the asset review: the first concentrating solely upon the resources and reserves. No fatal flaws were identified during the review process, with a series of post-completion opportunities raised to SigmaRoc.

SigmaRoc completed the acquisition of the first of a series of three deals of CRH's European Lime businesses in January 2024, creating the base for one of the leading lime producers in Northern Europe.