Victorian school building authority - specialist advice

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Victoria, Australia
  • Acoustics & vibration


The Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) is part of the Victorian Government’s Department of Education, designing, building and modernising schools and kindergartens. As part of the Education State reform, the Victorian Government has invested more than $14.9 billion into building projects, to help every child have access to a great local school.

As part of this significant ongoing work, we have worked in partnership with VSBA and numerous contractors to deliver environmental and advisory consultancy services across their projects.


SLR provided specialist advice to address the acoustic provisions of the VSBA Buildings Quality Standards Handbook. This ranged from wall, floor and ceiling design to control sound transmission, finishes to control reverberation, and control of mechanical plant and equipment noise levels.

All of these aspects required a holistic design approach and our experience in educational facility design was key in delivering
the advice.


The community will see benefits of upgraded or expand existing schools − improving conditions and creating new learning opportunities for students.

Our contribution of services and expert advice, allows these projects to be successfully delivered, to help support the growing community, with sustainability at the front of mind.