Subdivision water supply assessment

Client Name
Saskatchewan Ministry of Municipal Affairs
Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Hydrogeology


SLR was retained to provide a hydrogeological water supply assessment at a proposed five dwelling subdivision. Numerous third-party wells were located in the vicinity of the subdivision and the water supply assessment was designed to meet the requirements put forward by Community Planning to Saskatchewan Ministry of Municipal Affairs.


The assessment addressed the availability of water sources to supply the proposed subdivision, in addition to the proximity of nearby groundwater supply wells and the potential impacts of the development on groundwater supply and water quality for the preexisting supply wells.

The work included many challenges with stakeholder, legal and regulatory involvement. While the subdivision is on a lake shore, the environmental regulations were restrictive with regards to the removal of water from the lake, so groundwater resources were the preferred option.


The study identified the presence of two aquifer zones utilized for domestic water supply in the area. Recommendations were made for the deeper, flowing artesian aquifer to be tested for the subdivision based on the lower potential for surface contamination to penetrate the deeper aquifer. The field component of the work involved flow testing and a field verification survey of surrounding wells before completion of the final assessment.