Water supply and aquifer sustainability study

Client Name
Namibia Breweries Ltd
Windhoek, Namibia
  • ESG advisory
  • Hydrogeology


SLR was appointed by the client to investigate the water supply potential of the aquifer underlying the NBL premises, located in the Windhoek Northern Industrial Area, with the objective to augment water supply from the City of Windhoek during periods of prolonged drought when water supply is restricted.


The drilling, carried out under SLR hydrogeologists’ supervision, was successful and high yielding production boreholes were installed and connected to the supply infrastructure of the beverage plant.

On completion of drilling and testing work, a groundwater monitoring programme was implemented, but since the bulk abstraction from the Windhoek North Aquifer could have a long-term impact on the water levels, especially with other industrial users having drilled boreholes in the same aquifer, SLR was appointed to carry out an aquifer sustainability study.


The study resulted in a 3-D steady state groundwater model which has taken into consideration the impact of groundwater abstraction to users. The model was used to support the application for an abstraction permit at the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry.