Investigation and remediation of Bedfont Lakes former landfill site

Client Name
Hanover Property Unity Trust
London, UK
  • Land quality & remediation
  • Hydrogeology


We undertook the detailed investigation and remediation of a former landfill site located in Bedfont, West London as part of its wholesale redevelopment.


Following completion of ground investigations, SLR undertook a detailed programme of remediation design and regulatory negotiation to develop a scheme around maximum re-use of waste materials.

The remediation design included the design and regulatory approval of a temporary waste treatment facility which allowed segregation of the various waste streams. This related to materials for re-use within open space areas to facilitate improvements in landform, and those materials which were unsuitable for re-use and hence required off-site disposal.


Today the Bedfont Lakes scheme is a very successful place including a high-quality business park and recreational uses, with contemporary offices set within a beautiful landscaped country park which includes lakes for wildlife.

SLR provided land quality, hydrogeology and engineering services for design, negotiating consents, and monitoring the remediation works. This included supervising the excavation and screening of over 35,000m3 of waste with successful re-use of 76% of the materials excavated. The remediation works were completed to the satisfaction of the regulatory agencies following a period of post construction monitoring.