Sandon Bury Farm conversion

Client Name
Sandon Bury Farm
Sandon, United Kingdom
  • Acoustics & vibration


Sandon Bury Farm was proposing to convert several buildings on their site to create event venue.


To comply with the requirements of the Planning Authority, and to address concerns raised by a Third-Party consultant, the client commissioned SLR to perform the following:

  • An Operational Noise Assessment in accordance with BS4142:2014+A1:2019.
  • An Assessment of noise from music, public address systems, people, and car park activities, including frequency content.
  • An Assessment of noise from off-site traffic including maximum noise levels from pass-bys.


During the decision making process SLR’s Noise Consultant attended two Planning Committee Meetings. The application was granted full planning permission in 2018. SLR then attended the Premises License Hearing and the Client was successful in their License Application.