Our team of professional Soil Scientists employ methods and data analysis techniques specifically tailored to soil and closure related projects.

Our people are industry leaders in land resource assessment, with a focus on providing a holistic approach to soil taxonomy, land capability, and rehabilitation, and agricultural land suitability classification.

How can we help?

We have a proven successful mix of practical industry experience, environmental impact assessment capability, project management skills, and regulatory knowledge. This includes providing valuable baseline information to better assess options for site management. Our focus on waste soil assessment & characterisation, and geochemistry integration into rehabilitation plans, creates a successful holistic view on the approach to land and soil management for clients.

Rehabilitation skills include erosion / sediment control, soil quality, landform design and cover design, to apply practical soil conservation solutions.

These aspects are integrated into decommissioning and closure plans as well as providing estimates for financial provisions. This holistic approach helps close the loop for an end to end or turnkey land management.

Our team includes

  • Jamie Robinson Technical Director
    Jamie Robinson

    Jamie is an environmental geochemist and hydrochemist. He has significant experience in the prediction of soil chemistry associated with mining and waste disposal areas. He has also undertaken a number of quantified risk assessment for soil quality associated with grazing animals. Jamie has acted as an expert witness and is currently acting as a Qualified Person on a number of large-scale reclamation projects in the UK. Jamie is a Suitably Qualified person through the NQMS scheme in the UK.

  • Rod Masters Technical Director
    Rod Masters

    Rod has 35 years’ experience in undertaking soil surveys, formulating erosion and sediment control plans, conducting land reclamation and revegetation programs, preparing water management plans and assessing environmental impact of industrial developments. He is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS Stage 3) and a Certified Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control (CPESC). Having fulfilled the roles of extension officer, regulator, consultant and contractor, Rod is in the unique position of having an intimate knowledge and understanding of soil and water management issues within a variety of industries.

  • Stephen Weber Operations Manager - Land & Water
    Stephen Weber

    Stephen has extensive experience in the Energy, Mining, infrastructure and industrial sectors, assisting numerous global and local organisations.  He has over 18 years of management, research and analysis experience and has been exposed to numerous petroleum, mining and chemical facilities throughout Africa and South America.  Stephen has assisted clients with environmental authorisation processes, permitting & compliance matters, supporting acquisitions and divestiture transactions at downstream and midstream facilities, mining waste source term generation, site wide acid rock drainage and metal leaching risk assessments, waste management, emergency response, toxicological risk assessments (human health and ecological), decommissioning of downstream and midstream facilities and contaminated land related issues (in downstream, midstream and upstream environments).

  • Pete Leonard Technical Director
    Pete Leonard

    Building on sound environmental engineering foundations and work across the UK, Pete has specialist skills in delivering complex projects and specialises in multi-technical projects to support planning applications for buildings and infrastructure, including waste facilities. His specialism is in brownfield assessment and redevelopment, and Pete contributes to numerous Environmental Statements and has been lead author for a number of Geology and Land Quality chapters. All were for large scale commercial or residential developments and those involving greenfield developments included discussion of agricultural land.