Growing demands for urbanisation and mobility require innovative solutions for the design and management of the transport network.

Our specialised team focuses on working in partnership with our clients to minimise consumption and maximise efficiency of the network to achieve sustainable transport, land use and development outcomes.

How can we help?

From the earliest stages in the planning process, SLR works to quantify transport implications and provide accurate and timely advice on the most appropriate and cost-effective transport solution.

Our aim is to offer clients the opportunity to achieve the maximum benefits of transport infrastructure through the provision of tailored expert advice in the field of traffic engineering and transportation planning. We apply considerable skill in identifying the key issues pertinent to each individual project challenge and have an ability to develop innovative technical solutions to optimise system performance, efficiency and safety.

The services we can offer include:

  • Traffic operations
  • Transport planning
  • Permitting
  • Conceptual design
  • Public and active transport
  • Road safety
  • Transport assessment
  • Car parking
  • Traffic signal design
  • Expert witness
  • Transport modelling
  • Pavement and drainage evaluation
  • Value engineering
  • Cost estimating
  • Construction management
  • Active transportation

Our team includes

  • David Sullivan Manager of Highways & Transportation Planning
    David Sullivan

    David has been a leader in the traffic engineering and transportation planning field for over 30 years. He has seen and helped shape the transformation of transportation priorities, from a vehicle centric industry ton industry that now focuses on safety and access to the transportation system by all users. Among the type of studies he has lead through the years are large mixed use developments, sports facilities, urban and suburban corridors, downtown superblocks, and educational and professional campus settings. Integral to these efforts were multimodal evaluations and complete streets solutions. David has significant experience related to parking studies. This includes evaluation of multiple facilities within town/city centres; individual multiuse projects where shared parking demand by users was evaluated; and operational evaluation of various parking strategies and on-street dynamic parking studies.

  • Holly Parker Principal Transportation Planner
    Holly Parker

    Holly Parker is a Principal Transportation Planner with over 24 years of experience in active transportation planning, marketing, and implementation. As a project initiation and management professional, she is able to make quantifiable improvements in sustainable transportation infrastructure and programming. Holly incorporates strategic planning into sustainable transportation projects in a variety of settings, notably university campuses, having initiated the CommuterChoice programme at Harvard University and the Transportation Options programme at Yale University. She is responsible for bringing the first carshare and modern bikeshare programmes to Connecticut. Her work with public and private clients has focused on bringing state-of-the-art shared micromobility to municipalities, universities, and corporate campuses across the country.

  • Neil Olinski Associate Transportation Planner
    Neil Olinski

    Neil’s projects focus on transportation planning, traffic engineering, parking, and sustainable multimodal circulation, access and safety. The recent ongoing evolution of transportation — including the pending emergence of autonomous vehicles as well as the growing focus on safety and multimodal travel — keeps things interesting for Neil, who was drawn to the field from an early interest in transportation and city planning.

  • Jo Read Principal
    Jo Read

    Jo has considerable management, production and technical experience of transport assessments for various development types to include housing, education, retail and waste management. She has managed various major applications from pre-application stage to submission. Additionally, she has extensive experience with the preparation of Transport Chapters for Environmental Impact Assessments, in particular for the sustainable energy sector and wind farms. Jo has provided undertaken independent technical reviews for both national and international clients.