New Haven on-street parking performance-based pricing monitoring & evaluation

Client Name
City of New Haven
Connecticut, USA
  • Mobility & sustainable transport solutions


SLR is assisting the City of New Haven to monitor and evaluate the performance of metred on-street parking in the centre of the city as part of a pilot project to charge different time-of-day price rates.

The goal of this effort is to ease the ability to park on-street in the downtown and surrounding areas by charging rates that are enough to create more turnover and free up one to two parking spaces per block during peak periods. This will include not only metre parking rate increases, but importantly some metre rate price decreases or no price changes on underutilised blocks downtown.


As part of an initial baseline report, SLR has worked diligently with City and a third-party vendor responsible for monitoring and organizing data to ensure that multiple parking payment data streams are being matched correctly between parking meters, mobile parking zones and the online visualization tool.

This has required GIS analysis and data management. SLR has also developed signage and communications to relay to the public the changes to on-street meter rates, and has developed recommendations to improve the residential on-street parking permit program for neighbourhoods surrounding the downtown.


The City of New Haven is aiming to move forward with the dynamic pricing of on-street parking after the COVID-19 pandemic. Quarterly parking performance reports on occupancy and revenue are to be prepared by SLR allow the City to make informed pricing decisions that will achieve target occupancies levels during peak parking periods, and therefore provide a better experience for motorists parking: customers, employees, and residents as well as for shop and restaurant owners