Occupational Hygiene

Occupational Hygiene is the science of identifying potential exposures and hazards in the workplace that could cause health impacts, disease or discomfort.

Our team can evaluate the extent of risk due to these hazards or agents, and control those risks to prevent ill-health in both the short term and long term.


SLR provides the highest level of service to our clients with results which are both scientifically rigorous but also practical to today’s business and community needs.

The Occupational Health & Hygiene team consists of a diverse range of science and engineering specialists to complement client needs in occupational hygiene, health and safety, toxicology, and environmental and human health risk assessment. Covering issues relating to worker health, meeting community expectations, or ensuring regulatory compliance.

Occupational Hygiene Services

  • Our services include
    • Baseline worker exposure assessments and program development
    • Occupational noise and vibration exposure assessments
    • Mould and biohazard assessments
    • Hazardous industry risk planning and development
    • Dust, solvent and chemical monitoring
    • Clandestine laboratory contamination surveys
    • Hazardous materials surveying and management
    • Health risk and health impact assessments
    • Heat stress evaluations
    • Indoor air quality assessments
    • Hazardous substances and dangerous goods
    • Occupational health and safety auditing and advice
    • Forensic and investigative sampling

Occupational Hygiene Projects

  • Project

    Western Australia, Australia

    Densford Civil


    Stephenson Avenue Extension Phase 1 - Asbestos Remediation and Validation

    Read more
  • Project

    Various locations across Australia and New Zealand

    Auckland, Bankstown, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Perth and Sydney Airports


    Expert advice to the Australian and New Zealand Aviation Authority

    Read more
  • Project

    Cairns, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand

    BELFOR Deutschland GmbH

    Manufacturing & Industry

    Superyacht occupational hygiene services

    Read more
  • Project

    Multiple Locations, Canada

    A Canadian Federal Department

    Built Environment

    COVID‐19 in the workplace: return to workplace risk assessment

    Read more
  • Project


    Global Commodities Supplier

    Manufacturing & Industry

    Bulk storage facility for chemical substances

    Read more
  • Project

    Speyside, Scotland

    Glenfarclas J&E Grant

    Manufacturing & Industry

    Distillery human factors COMAH compliance support

    Read more
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Our Team Includes

  • Jordan Harley

    Technical Discipline Manager, Occupational Hygiene and Hazardous Materials – Asia Pacific

  • Garreth Walker

    Technical Director, Hazardous Materials Management – Asia Pacific

  • Paul Turyn

    Northern Australia Operations Manager – Asia Pacific

  • Dr. Craig Simpson

    Principal, Occupational Hygiene and Hazardous Materials – Asia Pacific

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