We provide consultancy advice, design and implement schemes, and undertake baseline surveys and analysis to support clients with project design, planning applications, Environmental Impact Assessments, or compliance to discharge planning conditions.

Our areas of expertise include the Historic Environment (below and above ground archaeological remains, the built heritage, historic landscapes), and cultural heritage (intangible heritage such as sacred space, customs, ethnicity, language and place name studies, literary and artistic associations).

How can we help?

A wide variety of services are provided by the team for private, and public, funded organisations, and include; expert witness, risk management, desk-based and field tasks, historic building survey, description of heritage significance & the setting for heritage assets, conservation management planning & conservation area character appraisal, impact assessments, research, multi-disciplinary & interdisciplinary working, preservation of archaeological remains, geoarchaeology, site investigation evaluation, mitigation design & implementation, analysis & report production, interpretation, outreach & site presentation, and community initiatives.

Archaeological or conservation qualifications, wide-spread knowledge and experience, and diverse skills characterise the team, all of whom are at Senior level and above. As consultants we need to be thoroughly conversant with the legislation and guidance within all geographies, and to be confident in negotiation with clients and regulators over the significance of heritage assets, the degree of threat, methods that can be employed for investigation, as well as costs and timescales.

Our team includes

  • Tim Malim Technical Discipline Manager, Archaeology & Heritage
    Tim Malim

    Tim has extensive experience in the practical application of archaeology and cultural resource management and has specific skills in financial and people management, familiarity with professional standards, as well as extensive knowledge of current legislation and policy guidance within the different countries of the UK.  He has wide experience with the EIA process and the assessment of impact on settings of designated sites. He has acted as an expert witness at public inquiries and consulted for governmental agencies with regards to World Heritage sites.

  • Dr George Nash Principal Consultant
    Dr George Nash

    George is responsible for SLR’s built heritage capabilities. He has undertaken a multitude of projects, employed by large multi-national companies and agencies. George has also undertaken projects in Africa. George is a visiting professor at the Geosciences Centre, IPT (Tomar), University of Coimbra and is an international specialist on rock art. He has worked extensively in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland involving large-scale landscape development projects. George has been involved in a number of public enquires and public hearings, appearing as an expert witness.

  • Gavin Kinsley Principal Consultant
    Gavin Kinsley

    Gavin has been a fieldwork practitioner for 40 years, and has been designing, project managing, implementing and providing consultancy on archaeological projects and cultural heritage assessments for 25 years. As an acknowledged specialist on the archaeology of Nottingham and surrounding area, he has recently been advising on tourism infrastructure development at Nottingham Castle, as well as completing a detailed survey of the extensive historic caves beneath the city for a project funded by Historic England.