SLR supports Infinis with over 40 environmental permit applications across the UK

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  • Environmental management, permitting & compliance

Infinis is the UK’s leading generator of low carbon power from captured methane, operating across 150 sites, including, Specified Generators and Medium Combustion Plant sites.

SLR have a close relationship with Infinis and have provided support with the preparation of over 40 environmental permit applications for sites across the UK.

All have been achieved in line with relevant regulatory timeline for Specified Generators and Medium Combustion Plant. SLR have also provided support with numerous variation permit applications, including changes to site operations such as permitted fuel types, addition of engines and increases to permitted operating hours. To enable these changes SLR have undertaken air emissions risk assessments, including screening and detailed modelling.

In addition, SLR have provided regulatory support across the years, assisting Infinis in identifying the relevant permitting dates for each of their engines and sites, according to the Specified Generators regulations and Medium Combustion Plant Directive.

SLR have also aided Infinis in calculating thermal input and emissions to air from Infinis’ engines utilising alternative fuels such as landfill gas, coal mine methane and propane from first principles to obtain input data for the applications and risk assessments.