SLR obtains regulatory position statement for Advetec

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  • Environmental management, permitting & compliance


Advetec are an environmental biotechnology company who specialise in the use of small-scale aerobic digestion technology to reduce the mass and volume of waste streams with high organic content.

This technology is beneficial as it aims to reduce the frequency of waste collections and carbon emissions associated with transport for its users. The processed waste, floc, is classified as SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) and can be used as a fossil fuel replacement benefitting the circular economy. This is particularly advantageous for waste producers and rural communities where they lack local waste management facilities.

As Advetec’s technology is novel there is a requirement for it to be trialled with customers to prove it works. However, in order to operate, a bespoke environmental permit is required from the Environment Agency (EA).


Given this, the small-scale nature of the activity, and the size of the potential market, SLR identified a regulatory position statement (RPS) as a means of breaking down this barrier to growth in the market. This would enable Advetec customers to operate the machine without going through the lengthy and costly process of applying for a full environmental permit.

SLR’s Environment Management, Permitting and Compliance (EMPC) team engaged with the EA and put a case together for publication of an RPS. Following months of negotiations with the EA, RPS 257: treating municipal waste by aerobic digestion was published in June 2022.


This is a huge success for SLR and Advetec. By identifying and breaking down the barriers to market entry, SLR has provided added value for a biotechnology company in its infancy. The RPS removed an obstacle for Advetec to scale up their business.

Dr Stephen Wise, Chief Strategic Development Officer for Advetec, says “SLR have provided quality dedicated staff to work closely with us in successfully obtaining an RPS from the EA for the use of our technology, in reviewing and preparing permit applications and in preparing LEPs. SLR have been flexible and have always met our evolving requirements both professionally and efficiently”.