Regional noise modelling

Client Name
Northeast Capital Industrial Association (NCIA)
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada
  • Acoustics & vibration
  • GIS & information systems


Since 2011, our Acoustics Team has been involved in the development and maintenance of a Regional Noise Model of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland located near Edmonton. The complex model forms part of the Regional Noise Management Plan framework with outputs accessible by the public.


The model is recognised and approved by Alberta’s regulators for use in assessing cumulative impacts for permitting and compliance of industrial facilities in the region. It consists of a 700 km² region comprising over a dozen large industrial facilities and incorporates the contribution from road and rail traffic noise through the region using published traffic counts for vehicular traffic, and rail traffic numbers obtained from train operators.

SLR also implemented a virtual 3D representation of all major structures to visualise all the relevant structures affecting the noise propagation. We then develop strategies for data interpretation exported from these models, to present to the client and the public. In our role as lead technical acoustic advisor to the NCIA we incorporate updates to the regional noise model on a regular basis.

We also provide comparison and interpretation of annual field measurement data at multiple locations in the region to enable validation of the model on an ongoing basis.