Pelorus Island Boutique Lodge

Client Name
Morris Family
Pelorus Island, Queensland, Australia
  • Landscape architecture
  • Ecology


SLR was commissioned by the Morris Family to provide landscape concept and design input on a new eco-style boutique lodge located on Pelorus Island, North Queensland.


Working closely with Hunt Design, SLR proposed landscape ideas that promoted the re-establishment of the local native vegetation character as a canvas for the careful placement of proposed buildings adjoining the beach and existing National Park.

The building design compliments the natural coastal character and the principal of keeping the landscape as natural as possible was reflected not in the selection of endemic species but in the design elements.

All paths around the development were intended to be sandy tracks with no hard pavement surfaces. This would replicate the feeling of walking through coastal dunes and also allow maximum infiltration of water into the ground.

An effluent infiltration and disposal system was designed in coordination with the landscape and buildings to promote sustainable design principles for the development.

SLR landscape and ecology teams worked closely together to determine appropriate endemic plant species mixes for varies areas of the site, including marine/ beach palette through to transitional species adjoining the National Park.

Removal of the existing weed and exotic species on site along with existing structures will promote a truly natural coastal character where the buildings will appear to be carefully placed within the existing environment. This demonstrates cognisance of visual impacts of the development on a pristine island environment.