Global Broadcast Company corporate campus

Client Name
Private Broadcast Company
Connecticut, USA
  • Landscape architecture


This television broadcast network’s leadership team decided that their campus was in need of updates to improve company culture through improving spaces.


SLR worked with the leadership team to understand their goals and created a master plan of the corporate campus that included building additions, infrastructure improvements including green and low-impact designs, as well as the recent redesign of the campus’ 3-acre central open space: the Campus Green.

As the centerpiece of the campus, the Campus Green has its own unique sense of design and evokes a variety of feelings and emotions for the employee hurrying to meet a deadline as well as the individual who is seeking to sit and experience the space on a more personal level. The space is designed with modern sustainable materials that consistently convey pedestrian traffic in a functional but aesthetic fashion within a safe/secure environment.

While its functional capacity cannot be overlooked, the client had high expectations for the overall visual experience for users. Views into and through the space not only consider the experience from the pedestrian perspective (base plane) but also from the varying elevations of the surrounding buildings.


The space provides opportunities for intimate uses (outdoor rooms) achieved through a combination of seating walls, landforms and/or vegetation, and “scale-able” quasi-public uses that provide future programming flexibility for team meetings or workshops as well as large plaza spaces to accommodate public gatherings for speeches, presentations, and television production.