Management of a Remediation Portfolio of Commercial Fuel Stations

Client Name
Engen Petroleum
Multiple Locations, South Africa
  • Land quality & remediation


SLR managed the environmental site assessment and remediation of a portfolio of commercial fuelling sites operated by the client at AVIS car rental depots spread across South Africa.


SLR completed a technical data gap assessment, followed by supplementary soil, vapour and groundwater investigations at the required sites. Quantitative risk assessments were completed to determine the requirement to implement active remediation and to develop site-specific target clean-up levels. A remedial action plan was developed for each site which was managed at portfolio level. Remedial interventions included: Vacuum Enhanced Recovery (VER) of product; In situ chemical oxidation (ISCO); injection of bio stimulants; Pump and Treat groundwater/plume containment strategies; and Enhanced Natural Attenuation.


Many of the sites are now in the post-remedial monitoring phase working towards regulatory closure