Detailed site assessments, Phase 2 ESAs to assess former production facilities, and Reclamation Certificate applications

Client Name
Alberta, Canada
  • Land quality & remediation


SLR has conducted multiple detailed site assessments (DSAs) across Alberta as part of an ongoing reclamation program. We combined various stages of work into one field visit to reduce costs. This included Phase 1 ESA site visits, limited Phase 2 ESAs, and addressing minor reclamation deficiencies.


SLR submitted reclamation criteria justifications and collected additional background data to explain anomalies. SLR applied for, and received reclamation certificates for multiple locations that previous consultants deemed ineligible for closure. In the case of a “fail” outcome, SLR collected additional data to confirm if the issues were related to site variability, natural occurrence, third party impacts or caused by former oil and gas activities.


SLR is proud the work was completed in a timely manner and we were able to get immediate pass/fail outcomes and produce DSA report while in the field by using GPS enabled tablet. The information was used to advise the clients and landowners, as needed, and reduce environmental liability for our client.