Large Scale Grid Connected Battery Development Portfolio

Client Name
Enervest Pty Ltd
New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, Australia
  • Community planning
  • Ecology
  • GIS & information systems
  • Landscape architecture
  • Planning
  • Environmental & social impact assessment


Enervest, as part of a larger portfolio, is developing a pipeline of utility-scale battery energy storage system (BESS) projects across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. The implementation of BESS technology is critical to achieving Australia's ambitious renewable energy targets. By building large-scale BESS facilities across the country, Enervest, with the assistance of SLR, is helping to ensure renewable energy can be seamlessly integrated into the grid, while also enhancing grid stability and reducing costs for consumers.

As part of this project Enervest required a lead Consultant to assist in environmental due diligence and planning approvals and strategy.


The team delivered the services across 3 phases where during each phase, each site will be assessed at 4 gates, identifying feasibility, risk, time, and cost to reach Ready-To-Build.

Phase 1 included assessment findings which were reported and summarised in a planning risk based on high, medium and low. This report summarised key risks, constraints and considerations for each identified site long with planning maps and overlays.

Phase 2 included state and local pre-lodgement consultation, initially completed for tranche 1, screening 25 sites across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia.

The applications which are required to be prepared involved a multi-disciplinary approach within SLR involving the following internal teams;

  • Planning application preparation,
  • Environmental impact statement preparation
  • Traffic assessment
  • Acoustic assessment
  • Visual assessment
  • Civil engineering (cut & fill)
  • Ecological assessment
  • Bushfire assessment
  • Social assessment
  • Glint & glare assessment
  • Hazard assessment
  • GIS mapping/solutions, and
  • Plan drafting services.


SLR successfully provided the necessary due diligent information within the allocated budget and timeframe. At the conclusion of the initial due diligence phase, indicative pricing for the approvals component was provided. The first tranche of the project involved preparing 9 sites for application submission in 4 different states over a period of four months. SLR effectively managed and delivered application packages for all sites within the designated timeframe.

Valuable insights were gained during the preparation process, which were shared with the client to enhance and optimise the process for future sites. The identification and communication of these insights resulted in significant cost and time advantages for future work in the program.

From the very beginning, SLR Consulting has demonstrated a deep understanding of the complexities involved in navigating environmental regulations and securing planning approvals. Their expertise and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of their work. They meticulously assessed the environmental impact of each project and provided invaluable insights and recommendations to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.

SLR took the time to understand our specific goals and challenges, and then devised a comprehensive plan that addressed every aspect of our needs. Their depth of knowledge, in-house capabilities, strategic thinking, and dedication to client satisfaction ensured the long-term sustainability and success of our project and make them an invaluable partner in achieving successful outcomes.

Enervest Energy Storage

Large Scale Grid Connected Battery Development Portfolio