Distillery human factors COMAH compliance support

Client Name
Glenfarclas J&E Grant
Speyside, Scotland
  • Process engineering


SLR were contacted by Glenfarclas Distillery to provide support to them in preparing for a Human Factors Control of Major Accident Hazard (COMAH) scoping visit by the Health and Safety Executive. These major accidents include, fires, explosion, toxic release and loss of containment.

The UK law requires companies to conform with COMAH regulations with failure to comply resulting in potential substantial cost to the company.

A significant part of the regulatory focus is Human Factors, which is a critical aspect of effective hazard and operational management.


SLR provided an integrated team of a Human Factors and Process Safety specialists meaning that they were able to view all aspects of COMAH together whilst on site.


The integrated team were able to provide advice to the client relating to the expectations of the HSE with regards to the Human Factors scoping visit. As a result, the Distillery Manager felt better prepared for the visit and was able to address the recommendations suggested by the team.

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