Creating ESG value, ratings and reporting

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  • ESG advisory


Clario is a leading healthcare technology company which has completed more than 19,000 clinical trials since 1990. Under increasing scrutiny by investors and faced with growing customer demands, Clario decided to build on a strong heritage to strengthen sustainability performance, aiming at creating a more just and sustainable world. In particular, Clario had a clear objective to achieve a specific score with EcoVadis, a key sustainability rating.


Initially, SLR was engaged to provide consulting on the EcoVadis rating and help develop Clario’s first ESG report. Over the course of the nine months’ project, the team identified more needs, also providing carbon consulting including GHG emissions calculation, data collection and quality, as well as SBTi-compliant carbon target-setting and implementation roadmap. In addition, SLR helped develop environmental and sustainable procurement policies, evaluated sustainability tools and supported the 2022 CDP assessment submission. In 2023, SLR again supports with GHG emissions calculation and CDP.

“Our day-to-day contact is the type of consultant you want on your team when you're in a high pressure, high stakes situation and need to deliver big results. Such was the case for me when SLR supported us on our ambitious environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy. The team delivered a star performance, which was reflected in all of our third-party assessments and ratings.”


Clario’s ESG report received praise from its private-equity parent company, and clients especially welcomed the clear carbon targets. Due to the in-depth analysis and support, both the CDP and EcoVadis ratings could be improved significantly, earning Clario their first EcoVadis silver medal. Their CDP assessment improved from a D to a B in 2022.

“We are determined to constantly make positive changes both inside and outside of our organization,” said Otis Johnson, Chief Diversity, Inclusion & Sustainability Officer at Clario. “This CDP assessment result is an impressive environmental sustainability accomplishment that we achieved together.”