Graeme Precious

Technical Director



Graeme has worked with high profile organisations in the public and private sector, ensuring compliance with energy and carbon legislation and managing the delivery of energy and carbon management programmes. He has experience in heading the delivery of carbon and energy compliance services in areas such as CRC, CDP, GHG Reporting, CCA, EUETS and ISO50001, working with blue-chip organisations. He has a thorough knowledge of UK carbon and energy legislation and significant experience of working with businesses to understand the impacts of energy and carbon emissions and the development of management strategies.

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    14 March 2024

    11 minutes read

    Carbon and energy newsletter (UK) - March 2024

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    26 September 2023

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    Carbon & Energy newsletter (UK) - September 2023

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    13 July 2023

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    Carbon & Energy Newsletter (UK) - July 2023

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    02 May 2023

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    Carbon & energy newsletter (UK) - April 2023

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