International businesses are increasingly demanding disclosure of carbon emissions and energy use as a condition of investment or contracting. In addition, legislation in some countries requires reporting of carbon emissions and energy use.

Some organisations have existing carbon emissions and energy use management processes that can be adapted to match new demands. Others are facing carbon and energy management and disclosure for the first time. SLR’s experts are equipped to support both.

How can we help?

Our team has experience working with organisations of all sizes to support compliance with carbon and energy legislative requirements, as well as the requirements of established voluntary carbon and energy disclosure schemes such as; CCAs, CRC, ESOS, EUETS, DJSI, GRI and CDP.

We utilise our expertise to harmonise a company’s specific mandatory and voluntary reporting requirements, and apply it to their available data set to support compliance with legislative requirements, optimise voluntary program participation, and enhance understanding of the benefits of energy consumption and carbon emissions management.

SLR will work with your organisation to identify the energy use and carbon emission parameters to be dislosed, and confirm which areas of the business are within scope of the disclosure effort. We will work with you to collate and compile the required data and use this to produce an energy and carbon emissions statement which will meet the reporting requirements as identified in applicable legislation, as well as any voluntary programmes in which the company has elected to participate.

In addition to meeting the disclosure demands of stakeholders, SLR can also utilise energy use and carbon emissions data to identity carbon emissions and energy reduction activities that can be prioritised and implemented to provide both cost savings and environmental impact reductions.

Our team

  • Leslie Cook Wong Principal Consultant
    Leslie Cook Wong

    Leslie has over twenty years of air and multi-media environmental permitting and compliance experience as well as sustainability programme development and implementation experience. Her specialities are regulatory analysis, interpretation and advocacy; complex air permitting requiring emission offsets and devising highly business-oriented sustainability solutions.