Ashley Gibson

Power and Renewables Sector Leader – Asia Pacific



Ashley is the Power and Renewables Sector Leader for Asia Pacific and is currently based in our Perth office. Ashley has 25 years of experience encompassing product design, engineering management, technical consulting and collaborative research with industry. His technical background includes the measurement, modelling, assessment and control of noise, vibration and gaseous emissions from industrial, oil & gas, power generation, manufacturing, mining and metals processing, infrastructure and construction sectors. This experience developed over time into various management roles overseeing multi-discipline project teams. He was awarded an MBA in 2018.

In addition to projects involving GHG emissions control system design and reporting for industrial applications, Ashley has also led projects involving renewable energy integration and energy storage resource development. He has provided project support in the planning, development, construction and operational stages of a diverse range of projects in Australasia, North America, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

Along with his technical expertise, Ashley is an effective strategic business and people leader with skills in collaboration and engagement. His ability to support clients in connecting the project to their vision, mission and strategic plan, as well project management leadership helps ensure delivery of the best value and service to our clients.

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