Osino - Proposed Water Pipeline from the Kranzberg Boreholes via Karibib to Twin Hills Mine, Erongo Region

06 February 2024 | Client: Osino Gold Exploration and Mining (Pty) Ltd (Osino)

Osino Gold Exploration and Mining (Pty) Ltd (Osino) is currently developing the Twin Hills Gold Project, located 25 km northeast of Karibib within the Erongo Region. Despite the success of the water supply investigations, undertaken to date, in the Karibib Marble Aquifer, Osino is still investigating other sources, including the Khan River Water Supply option, to ensure water security owning to the fact that the Twin Hilld Gold project is in a water scarce Central Areas Network of Namibia (CAN).

SLR Environmental Consulting (Namibia) (Pty) Ltd (“SLR”) was commissioned by Osino to undertake the EIA for the water pipeline proposed from the Kranzberg boreholes to the Twin Hills Mine in the Erongo Region.


Stephanie Strauss

Email: osino-water@slrconsulting.com

Telephone: (+264) 61 231 287


The Draft Scoping Report (DSR) prepared for the proposed development has been made available for public review by Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs).

I&APs are invited to review the contents of this report and comment on the environmental and social aspects associated with the proposed project and the findings of the scoping EIA process. This report has been made available for comment and review until 18 March 2024.

All comments are to be forwarded to SLR in writing, by no later than 18 March 2024, using the following address: osino-water@slrconsulting.com