Wider site area (Phase 1) Unity Campus Sawston

Client Name
Howard Sawston Ltd
Cambridgeshire, UK
  • Risk assessment & toxicology


SLR were retained to advise the client on feasibility of development on a site known to be impacted by an adjacent “orphan” site. The development necessitated piling within a groundwater source protection zone. Key aspects of the projects included carrying out detailed characterisation of the site geology, along with a detailed assessment of the extent and mobility of contaminants on site.


The team liaised with regulators, designers and contractors to help create a holistic approach to developing the site incorporating appropriate foundation and surface water solutions and contaminant source remediation.

A design of remedial works incorporating ex-situ biotreatment, stabilization and in-situ reductive dichlorination was developed and agreed with the regulators. Our consultants then supervised and verified the remedial works. 


SLR’s regular liaison with regulators achieved the prompt discharge of planning conditions for the client and allowed seamless progression in to the development phase