Waste to energy facility environmental and planning due diligence

Client Name
Verus Energy Limited
Victoria, Australia
  • Environmental management, permitting & compliance
  • Planning
  • Land quality & remediation
  • GIS & information systems


SLR were engaged by Verus Energy Limited based in the United Kingdom to undertake a comprehensive Environmental and Planning Due Diligence assessment to assist in site selection for a significant waste to energy facility to be developed in Victoria. SLR were selected based on our experience in Victorian Planning and Environmental Approvals for similar proposed developments.

Our team provided a detailed overview of all environmental and planning constraints pertaining to a perspective former industrial site that could be redeveloped into the proposed facility. Our team also assisted with providing the client with a valuable understanding of both applicable Commonwealth and State planning and environment legislative requirements pertaining to the future proposal.


Our team were engaged to undertake a qualitative (desktop) due diligence assessment of a preferred site for the development of the Waste to Energy Facility with a 50 megawatt electrical generation capacity processing approximately 500 Kilo-Tonnes Per Annum of waste. The analysis encompassed the applicable planning and environmental constraints and opportunities associated with the development of the facility. The following site-specific attributes were considered in the scope of works:

  • Land title & encumbrances
  • Soils and geology
  • Groundwater
  • Potential acid sulfate soils
  • Fill materials
  • Environmental Protection Authority priority sites register
  • Asbestos
  • Offsite waste and contaminated soil disposal
  • Flora and fauna, ecological vegetation classes, threatened species & habitats
  • Scattered trees
  • Cultural heritage
  • Catchment management
  • Topographical features
  • Bushfire prone areas
  • Flooding and inundation
  • Surface water & water ways
  • Transport networks
  • Climate
  • Landscape & visual amenity
  • Utilities
  • Socio-economic
  • Air quality
  • Human health risks
  • Noise & vibration.


Our team provided a comprehensive Environmental and Planning Due Diligence report complete with a comprehensive listing of appendices containing all relevant information collated pertaining to constraints at the site. This provided the client an all-inclusive reference report during site acquisition contractual discussions involving legal representatives.