Urban Environment PV Solar Investigation

Client Name
Mosman Council
Mosman, New South Wales, Australia
  • CFD, wind & energy


SLR has determined orientation and configuration design for PV Solar Panel installation on Council buildings in a variety of urban settings. SLR’s role included project managing the panel selection, renewable grant application and site installation (including
compliance certification).

SLR was engaged by Mosman Council to size, design and assist in the installation supervision of PV solar panel systems on a number of their Council buildings.


The design of the systems had to take into account varying orientations of buildings and roof design complexities arising from features such as skylights which needed to remain operable
and not overshadowed by the panel systems.

SLR assessed the annual power consumption of each of the buildings of interest and then the potential for an optimised solar panel installation. Following this, SLR provided Council with a Concept Design for review taking into account the local roof conditions.


SLR assisted Council in determining the availability of renewable energy grant options and proceeded to a Final Design including detailed cost estimates.

SLR also assisted Council in Tender selection and final design details of the installation itself including mechanical-electrical interfaces.