University of Connecticut Health Center transportation strategies

Client Name
UConn Health Center
Connecticut, USA
  • Transportation engineering


As part of the Bioscience Connecticut initiative aimed at generating long-term, sustainable economic growth, a number of high-profile building projects were initiated at the UCHC, including the construction of the Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, a new outpatient pavilion, and expansion of the John Dempsey Hospital. Among the project challenges were:

  • Developing a set of on- and off-campus context-sensitive transportation strategies that balanced long term roadway capacity improvements with creating a vibrant pedestrian and bicycle-friendly campus
  • Meeting a very ambitious design and construction schedule for the transportation improvements


SLR supported the client through:

  • Assessment of existing traffic operations & safety conditions
  • New traffic signals & signal upgrades at multiple intersections
  • Traffic calming measures on the campus
  • Roadway reconstruction at 11 intersections
  • A new campus gateway roundabout
  • Wayfinding signage
  • OSTA & CTDEEP permitting
  • Construction administration