Transport and Operational Improvements for the Tumbarumba Timber Mill

Client Name
Hyne Timber
New South Wales, Australia
  • CAD
  • Civil & structural engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Masterplanning
  • Transportation engineering


The Tumbarumba Mill processes New South Wales and Victorian grown plantation pine. Hyne Timber identified the need for improvement of existing traffic congestion, security and safety issues for the site which required detailed design for the proposed upgrade works for the traffic management improvements.

Increasing truck and car parking around the site also led to an increase in stormwater management (both quantity and quality treatments) generated by the site, whilst ensuring new pavement designs were appropriate for the clients design life.


Our team provided a costed outline, concept and detailed design for improved vehicle access to the wood mill site. The holistic design undertaken and management by SLR included the following elements:

  • Biodiversity assessment highlighting any site constraints that were worked into the mills development footprint.
  • Site topographical survey
  • Geotechnical site investigations of the site
  • Pavement designs based upon proposed truck movements and geotechnical properties
  • Civil engineering detail design of the access roads and stormwater drainage
  • Bill of Quantities from the engineering design to enable costings by contractors


The client was able to construct site improvements based upon the SLR design and investigation works, leading to a safer and more efficient vehicle movement through the site.

Site safety improvements were realised through new site fencing locations, aligning with new truck parking areas, dispatch areas and site entry weighbridge, to keep controlled and authorised access into and out of the site.

Throughout the design process, SLR and the client team talked through safety in design aspects for the site, that were considered when undertaking the design stages.