Tilbury Power Station landfill

Client Name
  • Environmental management, permitting & compliance


The client was required to obtain a permit for the transfer of existing Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA) landfill from RWE to Ingrebourne Valley (IV) and a variation of landfill permit to enable disposal of tunnelling spoil from Thames Tideway Tunnelling (TTT) project and mining of PFA.


SLR’s role on the project included the preparation of applications to transfer and vary the permit and also the production of supporting technical assessments including Hydrogeological Risk Assessment Review, Stability Risk Assessment, Dust Management Plan, Gas Risk Assessment, Conceptual Design.


SLR negotiated a reduction of the site’s aftercare period from 60 years to 3 years, saving the client £100,000s in costs for aftercare monitoring and insurance bonds for financial provision.

The environmental permit was successfully secured, with a further outcome of the project being the secured recovery of waste status for low permeability cap, cap protection layer and restoration soils saving landfill tax applying to 1.22 million m3 of waste to be imported to the site.