Thevenard Island oil and gas facilities decommissioning project

Client Name
Liberty Industrial on behalf of Chevron
Western Australia, Australia
  • Land quality & remediation


SLR assisted on The Thevenard Island (TVI) Decommissioning and Rehabilitation project which comprised the retirement and decommissioning of all onshore assets located on Thevenard Island, 25 kilometres offshore from the town of Onslow, Western Australia.

The onshore remediation, validation and rehabilitation works were to be undertaken in accordance with the Thevenard Island Onshore Decommissioning and Rehabilitation (D&R) Plan.

Chevron’s objective was to decommission a variety of assets and remediate and rehabilitate TVI to an extent where it is eventually restored to its former pre-occupation condition via a structured and staged rehabilitation process. Key chemicals of concern included hydrocarbons, pathogens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS). Remediated soils were also validated onsite for beneficial re-use as capping and for final landform.


One of our Environmental Scientists, was seconded into the Liberty Industrial Remediation Team to assist in the supervision of remediation activities, material tracking, validation sampling, soil management and providing strategic advice.