The Star Casino Seawater System Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis

Client Name
Fredon Air
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • CFD, wind & energy


The Star Casino seawater system had three centrifugal pumps (two duty and one stand by) circulating seawater to two heat exchangers and has experienced hydrodynamic cavitation.

Cavitation will only occur if the local pressure declines to some point below the saturated vapor of the liquid and subsequent recovery above the vapor pressure. Cavitation due to turbulence occurs if system components (header, pipe, filters, etc.) are inadequately sized for the amount of flows the system is pumping or due to vortex creation at elbows or any other part of the system.

It was proposed to upgrade the existing seawater pumps and increase the heat rejection system.


SLR was engaged by Fredon Air to perform a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis of the updated system to assess flow conditions at the inlet to the proposed pumps at the Star seawater system and eliminate cavitation issues.

A geometrically accurate 3-dimensional model of the seawater system was assembled to capture the fluid flow pattern and associated turbulence levels within the system.


Recommendations were provided to optimise the header and pipe arrangement, minimise recirculation regions and ensure that sufficient suction is available.

A subsequent installation and test of the updated system has confirmed the CFD results and no cavitation has been identified.