Thanbarran Place Project

Client Name
BHC Brisbane Housing Company
Thanbarran Place, Richlands, Queensland, Australia
  • Landscape architecture


SLR was commissioned by Brisbane Housing Company to produce a series of conceptual landscape design ideas for the Thanbarran Place affordable housing project in Richlands, Queensland.

Thanbarran Place, is an affordable Housing Development which was constructed in 2009. It’s vision was to help hundreds of Queenslanders access safe, long term and affordable housing.


The aim of the project was to lift the appearance of the existing development whilst promoting community pride for residents through a series of high level design concepts. The proposed design concepts include the use of new materials, finishes and planting palettes.

The design aims to facilitate and promote interaction of the residents by enhancing the existing communal spaces, courtyards and improving the appearance of key landscape elements.


Colour, texture, vitality and interest were the key design elements targeted within central, shared and communal spaces. The end result aimed to create a series of enhanced shared communal and courtyard spaces that the community would be proud of. Rationalising new courtyard areas to each unit would result in better spaces for the residents.