Tarkwa Gold Mine Tailing Storage Facilities support services, PLAXIS modelling and dam safety review

Client Name
Tarkwa Gold Mine
Ghana, Africa
  • Hydrology
  • Hydrogeology
  • Mine waste engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering


SLR was engaged as the Engineer of Record (EoR) to provide technical support for Tailing Storage Facilities (TSF) in conformance with the Global Industry Tailings Standard on Tailing Management (GISTM).


Our objectives included technical oversight and improved understanding of TSF to ensure safety and conformance with Industry best practice and GISTM.

Our role included:

PLAXIS Modelling
Our team developed reliable virtual representation of TSF through PLAXIS 2D models to improve understanding of TSF behaviour and to inform future operation, safety and design decisions. This included:

  • Development of various PLAXIS 2D models
  • Initial calibration against historical records and monitoring data
  • Refinement of models and ongoing calibration as additional monitoring, field testing and laboratory testing information becomes available
  • GISTM Conformance and Dam Safety Reviews

GISTM Conformance and Dam Safety Reviews
SLR was appointed as Engineer of Record to determine the outstanding tasks to be completed for conformance to GISTM and aid in undertaking the actions to conform to the standards. This involved:

  • Gap analysis; geohazard data, meteorological assessment, geochemical and tailings physical characterisation
  • Water balance model, water management plan and hydrology study
  • Dam Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  • Dam break model development and sensitivity analyses
  • Dam break assessments and consequence classification
  • Upstream mitigation based on FMEA and dam break analyses
  • Updates to Risk Assessments
  • Review of design and construction reporting (including construction versus Design Intent Verification reporting and Design Basis Report)
  • Review and update of operational documentation including Operation, Maintenance and Surveillance (OMS) Manual, Triggered Action Response Plans and Responsibility Accountable Consulted and Informed Matrix
  • Dam Safety Review on three TSF’s