Surface and groundwater hydrology EIR support

Client Name
Vulcan Materials Company
California, USA
  • Mine water management


Vulcan is preparing technical studies for an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for expansion of a quarry in the Bakersfield area. The EIR was required to amend their existing Conditional Use Permit and Mining and Reclamation Plan. The EIR described enlarged mine pits, new hot-mix asphalt plant, new ready-mix concrete plant, and a new concrete materials recycling facility.


SLR prepared technical studies describing evaluations of the current and post-expansion groundwater and surface water conditions. This evaluation involved computation of a holistic site water balance and estimation of current and future makeup water needs.


Based on these calculations, SLR evaluated future water supply options, and effects of incremental pumping increase on groundwater supplies in the vicinity.

In addition, SLR used these calculations to identify potential means of water conservation. Surface water hydrology work included peer review of site hydrology studies performed by others.

In addition, we prepared conceptual designs and evaluations of multiple flood management options geared toward achieving a balance between cost and flood protection, while minimising the probability of flood-related disruptions of on-site operations.