Solbec & Yvan Vezina site operations & maintenance

Client Name
  • Mine waste engineering
  • Mine closure


SLR was selected to provide oversight for Care and Maintenance for two closed sites in Canada. The closed sites have tailings dams, one of which has a flooded tailings facility and the other has been revegetated. Some Care and Maintenance work had occurred at both sites but it was not been formally structured to manage long term risks.

The scope is to develop a work plan for the execution of Care and Maintenance activities at the sites and provide recommendations for Care and Maintenance going forward.

This scope includes: Site Management; Maintenance; Environmental Sampling; Dam Safety Inspection; Monthly Facility Inspections; Site Plan Development; Recommendations for Care and Maintenance going forward


Our approach to the Care and Maintenance of the tailings facilities is be based on the Mining Association Towards Sustainable Mining Tailings Management protocol. This protocol goes beyond adherence to technical standards and seeks to ensure that facilities have a formal policy in place, and clearly defined responsibilities outlined in operation, maintenance and surveillance manuals, or Care and Maintenance manuals in this case.