Slope repair with geocells

Client Name
San Francisco, USA
  • Geotechnical engineering


During remediation construction at the Presidio of San Francisco, heavy rainstorm runoff led to a slope failure. Because the site lies within a natural habitat zone within the US National Parks Service, multiple geotechnical, environmental, and hydrologic issues were considered during the repair design and construction to satisfy various stakeholders.


SLR personnel designed the repair of the breached slope and performed all geotechnical engineering analyses in support of the repair, including static and seismic slope stability analyses, seepage analyses and erosion control analysis.

The SLR team also provided the Quality Assurance services during construction of the repair.


SLR’s innovative solution consisted of a combination of partially exposed wooden shoring and buried geocells as the slope reinforcement that met both the stabilisation requirements for the slope and provide the desired finished surface with no exposed man-made construction materials for habitat restoration.